Here I am, back on the road again.

Those who are following my FB page knows that I am on the way to Spain, Murcia where it is starting the EUROSAF High Performance Grand Prix event. It is an invitational event for spectacular sailing classes, such as: foiling Moth, must Skiff, kiteboarding, 29erXX and formula18 Multihull. It is the first first World championship in the Kite Cross discipline (Kite Cross is a natural progression of racing which have been designed to bring the action closer to the beach where the crowd and media are. Fully utilizing recent developments in equipment, the KiteCross format allows a wide variety of courses to be set. Most common slalom courses are figure-eight or any form of downwind slalom, long distance, downwind dash and crossings).

The competition starts at 12 and will continue till the 16th of october. Very soon we will see who made it to Spain and who will be attending the Slalom World Championship.