3xWorld kitesurf champion

Bruno Sroka became 3xWorld champion and a legend in the kitesrufing world!


He is the first and the only man that decided to look for something more in the kitesurfing! Thereby he bacame an adventurer!

SROKA Inflatable SUP and Kite foil

Sroka inflatable SUP boards have been created and adapted for each family member. SROKA kite foil is the easiest and evolutive hydrofoil that exist in the market www.srokashop.com

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SROKA FOIL -HYDROFOIL - Happy new year
The very happy New Foilboarding Year!!

I would like to take a little moment and wish you all a very happy and peaceful New Year 2015 hoping that you will get to explore the world and meet new people as well as discover new kitesurfing beaches! Together with this message I would like to share the latest information regarding Sroka Foil [...]

Sroka Foil

For quite some time I have been developing a hydro foil – SROKA FOIL. My main goal is to propose an accessible foil for the public and finally we are approaching the end of the project and the beginning of the commercialization. In a couple of months we will offer a well developed and accessible foil [...]

Bruno Sroka longboard surfing in Brittany, France

What a great pleasure of life moment is to surf a longboard! It has been way too long since I had the fun surf session like this one. This feeling is like a remainder call to me that life is full of great stuff in our daily lives. All that we need to do is [...]


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