3xWorld kitesurf champion

Bruno Sroka became 3xWorld champion and a legend in the kitesrufing world!


He is the first and the only man that decided to look for something more in the kitesurfing! Thereby he bacame an adventurer!

SROKA Inflatable SUP and Kite foil

Sroka inflatable SUP boards have been created and adapted for each family member. SROKA kite foil is the easiest and evolutive hydrofoil that exist in the market www.srokashop.com

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Brno Sroka Panerai Transat Classic 2015 in Martinique

Are you dreaming of sailing on the old yacht? Are you tired of cold winter? Tonight I invite all of you to join Nautical Channel where I will bring you to the Martinique island where I will be presenting the Panerai Transat Classic 2015 event arrival in Martinique. Do not miss it out!

The first Kitefoil set available soon
First Sroka Kitefoils are ready to foil!

After effortful work on Sroka Hydrofoil project I am happy to present you a quality, easy of use kitefoil. The first Sroka Foil Aluminium models are already on its way and will reach our office very shortly. From there it will be sent to our first pre-ordered customers. To develop a kitefoil it is not [...]

Stand up paddle on the Chiemsee lake (germany)
Snowy stand up paddle session on the Chiemsee lake in Bavaria, Germany

The ISPO in Munich exhibition show is over. To release some energy I have decided to go for a quick paddle session with Sroka limited edition SUP in one of those gorgeous bavarian lakes called Chiemsee. I knew that a long way home is waiting for me and I haven’t done much sport for the [...]


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Bruno sroka

Bruno sroka

Wow!! So happy and proud of this shot and about the fact that our stand up paddle boards makes so many people just happy ;))

Sroka SUP

It is FRIDAY !! After the full week of work you will be able to go out and spend some time stand up paddle boarding!!

Thank you Stbarthkite Stbarthsup Enguerrand and Vineyard Vines for this magical shot!! We definitely are dreaming of SUP'ing at St. Barths!!

Sroka SUP St Barths Saint-Barth Tourisme #standuppadle #sup #paddlestbarth #holidaysspirit

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