3xWorld kitesurf champion

Bruno Sroka became 3xWorld champion and a legend in the kitesrufing world!


He is the first and the only man that decided to look for something more in the kitesurfing! Thereby he bacame an adventurer!

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Bruno Sroka’s conference at Google France office in Paris

Today I have been invited to Google France main office to give a conference about the high performance athlete professional success and its way and compare it to the giant company: Google. The world between the company and the sportsman is very much alike as well as the business-man and an adventurer. The main success [...]

Bruno Sroka Kite foiling
Hydrofoil: the future of water sports?

A sail boat, motor boat, windsurf, kitesurf… the limits of these activities are pushed daily. Who would have thought that the future of the water sports one day will be a hydrofoil? To foil in the world of sailing it has been a dream for almost a century. And the only team that has been [...]

Happy New Year 2014 de Bruno Sroka

Wish you all the very happy new year 2014 with lots of windy days and many kitesurfing sessions with your friends! Also I hope you won’t forget to push your kitesurfing limits and learn something new! Stay ambitious this year! As for me it looks that I will be busy with kitesurfing projects! A new [...]


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Bruno sroka

Bruno sroka

« Matthieu Milliot, pas possible.... » sa propre photo.

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