World Record English Channel Crossing

I just broke the record for crossing the English Channel by kitesurf and became the first kiteboarder that reached the Olympic Games city!!  So excited and so happy at this moment!

The crossing was quite a tough one. Strong and gusty winds reaching up to 25-30 knots and 3 meter waves in the middle of the channel. The hardest part was to keep my speed and have a boat following me during that section. Unfortunately the currants were going against the wind which made me work even harder. I could see the pilot of the boat making its best to keep up with me but the waves were playing with the boat as a kid with its toy. And finally the shipping tankers. Got to cross those too. As for the kite equipment I was using 13m kite and had my race board. 100 nautical miles I made it in 5hours (still needs to be confirmed by the gps)! This is fascinating, I am very happy!

Never the less it feels so grateful to become a first kiteboarder that reaches the Olympic Games of 2012!! I am overwhelmed!

At the moment heading back to France…this time not by kite! Will post more news and explications tomorrow.