From the competitions to an adventure projects…

victory Three times World, European and French Champion of kitesurf Bruno Sroka developed his career and shared his sport with the rest of the world. A great adventurer as well as a competitor he continues following his passion through the new challenges such as France/Ireland and New York-Brest kitesurf crossings.

cap horn In 2008 he was and still is the first and the only man that crossed the Cape Horn by kitesurf where he sailed 100 nautical miles (186km) in 9 hours in extreem begining of the winter conditions! The most recent event that Bruno Sroka did was in 2012 English Channel Record crossing from Brittany to England. He renewed World’s record of 100 nautical miles in 5 hours.

But the adventures does not stop there!

A history that was born from the child’s dreams
bruno sroka enfant, rêve d'enfant

«Some people live their dream and others dream their life. No doubts, I belong to the first group of people.»

From the very young age Bruno Sroka was dreaming of crossing the oceans. In 1980, when he was still a teenager, Bruno discovered and got interested in Arnaud de Rosnay*: « He is one of the reasons why I am who I am today. This adventurer of the 80s was a visionary who liked taking the risks and pushing the limits. Arnaud was one of the person that inspired me to believe and go for the projects that I dream about.» explains kitesurfer.

 Commited sportsman
otage In January 2009, Bruno Sroka realizes the Gulf of Aqaba kitesurf project, a challenge that was marked with peace message mark: a blue dove on the white kite. Two years later he speaks out via his sport asking for a liberation of two kidnapped french journalists in afganistan of their 500 days captivity. This time he was kitesurfing at the point of Finistere in Brittany with printed portraits of the two journalists on his kite. More information, please click here.