The kitesurf is a sport that makes us dream. It is accessible to a majority people of the planet, beautiful to look at, ecological and it is practiced almost on every beach where there is some wind blowing. At the moment kitesurf if the most popular sport of the water!

I am kitesurfing for different reasons: for my pleasure, for the competitions and passing the messages through my adventure projects. It is a healthy, ecological, showing a positive and accessible image sport as well as sharing the communication moments with the different communities.

The sponsors from all over the world rely on my and my projects so why not you? Accompany Bruno Sroka’s project as Tourism office of Ireland did for his France/Ireland kitesurf crossing this july 2013.

A word from the sponsors that shared their trust with me for different projects:

 PageLines- brunosroka-crossescelticsea.jpgSéverine Tharreau, Marketing director : “The tourism office of Ireland is very proud to accompany this ambitious Bruno Sroka’s France/Ireland kitesurf project. All our team congratulates Bruno for this authentic and first worldwide exploration. Bruno is an incredible ambassador of kitesurf, the sport that is ecological and that can be praciticed on many Irelands beaches. The warm and traditional greeting at the Cork Royal Yacht Club at Crosshaven was a real comfort for Bruno and his team after 16h40mins crossing from France to Ireland.”


Agglomeration of the bay of St Brieuc:  Lénaïck Hemery Communication director: “Endowed with a talent and armed with an exemplary pugnacity Saint-Brieuc Agglomération is proud to support Bruno SROKA, triples champion of Kite surf. Real ambassador of our territory he showed to us that his sport discipline is like our daily lives: you need to evaluate and adapt yourself to the changing conditions and all unknown that you can meet through your own or your companies adventures. Anticipate, accelerate, breath, keep the balance and dynamic context…Through his adbeture, Bruno adopted his gestures and reactions similar to our collectivity and became a real icon to the young sportsmen of the bay of St Brieuc as well as numerous company owners.

Relying Ireland from France by kitesurf Bruno proved that this challenge was not just a simple risk but it was a real demonstration of the success of the his dream and passion believes.

 team baie de st brieucTeam bay of St Brieuc: a group of entrepreneurs of St Brieuc shares their knowledge and skills as well as maritime spirit. These are the reasons why I have decided to become an ambassador of the club of the entrepreneurs of the Bay of St. Brieuc.

Les Supports Techniques: 

OFFICIAL-LOGO-OLD-BLACKHoalen: a successful Brittany’s sportware brand based in North of finistere has been following my sportive career for over 10 years. The brand’s image is highly connected to the ocean and it’s lifestyle.

Icomlogo-1ICOM brand is specialized in radio communication at the seas. Experts in the sailing communication Icom is following my projects and equips me and my team with their best and latest updated radios in the sea to keep me and my team safe.