In 2004 Manu Bertin established France/UK record leaving from Brittany and arrived to England. The distance of the record was set 100 nautical miles. In 2012 I have broke his record of 100 nautical miles. I have left from Baie of St.Brieuc and arrived to Plymouth (100nautical miles or 186km.) in 5 hours. This record is recognized along the other records that I have established before and the ones that I will realize in the nearest future.

English channel kitesurf crossing 2012 for Olympic Games 2016

Bruno Sroka Kitesurf Champion is going to kitesurf across the 100 nautical miles of English Channel and attempt to beat the world record of 5 hours 20 minutes. To mark the occasion of Kitesurfing’s inclusion as an official Olympic sport in the Rio 2016 Games – Sroka will promote the sport doing what he does [...]

Bruno Sroka-tou le sport-france tv-kitesurf
I am in biggest french sport TV channel!

While preparing for the English Channel crossing I got to train a lot. Both physically and mentally. My main goal is to beat the English channel crossing record and this way to support the kitesurf for the Olympic games. There is no better way to support our sport for OG then new record and arrival [...]

Bruno Sroka-record du traversee la manche
Bruno Sroka broke the English Channel record in 100 nautical miles distance

World Record English Channel Crossing I just broke the record for crossing the English Channel by kitesurf and became the first kiteboarder that reached the Olympic Games city!!  So excited and so happy at this moment! The crossing was quite a tough one. Strong and gusty winds reaching up to 25-30 knots and 3 meter waves [...]

Bruno sroka- english channel record
Bruno Sroka video on English Channel crossing record

On 17th of May 2012 I broke the World Record of 100 nautical miles by kitesurf from France to England. I made it in 5 hours. The old record belonged to Manu Bertin ( in 2004 he realized 100 miles in 5h20min). To celebrate this beautiful and hard work we created the video that all [...]