“An adventure: it is a passionated discovery about unknown.” (Milan Kundera)

To start the new challenges it is as to feel yourself existing. The life deserves to be lived at its maximum! And this is kind of one life that I am trying to live via my adventure projects.

Without any doubts you can imagine that sometimes this path is long and difficult. Sometimes you ask yourself what I am doing here?  But when you succeed the big projects such as Cape Horn or France Ireland or World record France/UK crossing the glory feeling is so deep that it leaves a big mark inside of you for the whole of your life. It makes your heart vibrate just by thinking that this is not only your own individual project success but it is a success of the whole contrasted team work!

Each project that I am realizing is deeply thought and well measured. I am going for an adventures the does not crash because I didn’t calculate something but for an adventures that are hard worked on. This delicious uncertainty which I get form these kind of projects allows me to live the special moments that only a few of us are able to live and feel.

I am doing some of the projects that are tightly associated with foundations such as Green Cross, UNSS or Peace and Sport. I believe that the athlete is very healthy and modern way of delivering the message to the daily life living people. So I invite all of you come and live my experiences of the projects!

Welcome to my universe!