With all kitesurfing experience Bruno Sroka is recognised as the only adventurer of our days in kitesurfing world. He has realized the most difficult and dangerous crossings such as Cape Horn, France – Ireland kitesurf crossing, he broke the English channel record for 100 nautical miles… All of these and many more other projects that Bruno has done in the past were done in etreme conditions. In Cape Horn he kited at 0°C outside temperature and about 3°C water temperature for nearly 9 hours and was dealing with the unstable and gusty 25- 40 knots wind during this crossing. But Bruno was not scared of the challenge! He completed and is proud of it! And he is not going to stop there. In his mind he has got the new adventures lined up in front of him!

As Mike Horn said: “ The impossible exists only until we find the way to make it possible.

This year of 2013 Bruno Sroka realized another beautiful adventure and exploration France – Ireland kitesurfing project. On 19th of july he has left the french coast and kited for 16h40mins non stop till he arrived to bay of Cork in Ireland. But this crossing was just the first step for the next biggest kitesurfing crossing ever from New-York / Brest !! 

Stay tuned for more information and I am ready to answer any of your question.