My professional sports career, my adventure projects and my kitesurfing experience that I gained through the years drove me to the big baggage of important information that today I am sharing with the different companies and governmental institutions. Several times per year I participate and become a spoksman in different places in France and worldwide. Through the conference I touch the subjects such as motivation, environmental protection and the commitment of the sport athletes.

Spoksman it is more then just telling the story of his life

My main goal of the conference is to share my experience and knowledge and exchange this information with my public. I believe it is very important to ask yourself the right questions, understand the rules and the mechanism of your performance in the company (sport is related to the company). These are they keys of success!

To be a spokesman it is not an easy job. It is not enough just to tell the story of your success but it is important to interact with the public, make them participate in your story, let them talk and imagine, do not miss out the specific information and share the moments of the good and bad times as a high performance sport athlete.

The main cause: the pleasure.

The power of the success lies in everyone of us. In each of us we have all necessary tools to succeed in what we believe and what we want. So when you know this it gets difficult to question yourself if you can do this, it gets difficult to accept that you don’t want to succeed or that you don’t want to reach your goal! When you don’t want to go for your goal and it gets difficult it is so easy to blame the bad luck or the concurrent or even lack of money to get to your goal.

Every problem has a solution.

If you want to advance in the difficult moments you have to ask yourself a good questions why you are struggling to advance with your project and what to do that you would get more attracted to it. To identify the possible problems and the arrival to your final point are the things the most important before starting any project. The success is the question of envy and will and not only of the ways of how to get there.

Unique and singular experience in the competitions.

During the last 10 years of my kitesurf competitions I have been on the podium more then 50 times. Between 2009 and 2010 I climbed 22 times on the highest podium stand.

I bacame 3 times World Cup winner (world champion), 4 times european champion and 3 times french champion, became vice champion of the waves and stayed 3rd at the World championship of slalom. I have participated at the competitions of all kitesurfing disciplines: speed, waves, freestyle, course racing, slalom and continued with an adventure projects. That is what I call a unique experience that only few of us are lucky to have!

Another aspect: adventure projects

I have been really lucky that I was able to realize a few dreams of mine:

- I am the first and the only man that crossed the Cape Horn by kitesurf in 2008 april. The distance that I have kited around was 100 nautical miles or 186km for over 9 hours.

-  A peace message kitesurf project. By kitesurf I connected Jordania, Israel and Egypt with a dove printed on my kite in 2009 January 18 (the day after the war was over). The main goal of the project was to deliver a peace message to the war taken countries.

- Support kitesurf project for the french tv journalists hostages. I have kited around the Finistere in brittany (France) on 13 of may 2011 with two kidnapped hostages portraits printed on my kite. That day we were remarking their 500 days captivity in Afganistan.

My philosophy.

Everyone of us knows perfectly how to put the pressure on yourself. And sometimes if it is not us then it is an environment that pressures us: the concurrency, the difficulty of the project and the desire of the success of your reaching goal. All of this and even more can easily recall the stress and there is the only solution: take a pleasure in what you are doing. It is one of the keys to success. Are you taking a pleasure at your work? If no would you think you would succeed at your work if you would take more pleasure? How to take more pleasure in any work that you do today?  These and other more questions will be discussed during my conferences.

My education

I have a Master diploma in sport strategies and learning of sport CAPEPS (physical education teacher). This educational baggage I am adapting to my daily sportive life to increase my own performance and durability as well as maintain the healthy living.

My ultimate conviction: the sportive athlete should try to pass the message via his actions. He should be a a reference person to the rest of the people, the idol and the hero. For this reason I have been engaged with different kind of fondations to deliver my most important messages.

- Peace & sport. Prince’s Albert de Monaco fondation that speaks out for a peace through the sport.

- UNSS: National union of the secondary schools

- Gree Cross: organization that speaks out for the water protection

A conference it is a meaningful common share.

According to the themes that we talk the most about today is the ecology. But as I say it is good to talk but it is even better to act. So some of the conferences may start or end up with a cleaning the beach or your working area for the garbage that we drop on the ground daily. Even if it looks that our lakes, mountains, rivers, forests proper it is far from being the reality. The only way to see it is to be presented in cleaning up afternoon and check how many kilograms of garbage one team can pick up.

The conference with Bruno Sroka will make you find the right questions, feel energized and speak and to be heard about unique experiences.

As a listener: 

- I will share with you my unique story.

- I will awake the awareness of your own goal in your company as well as your own.

- We will speak about the importance of your co-workers and your commun goals in the company.

- Looking for another angle to work on your subjects.

- Ideas and reflections  to continue evaluate at your work.

As a company:

- The discovery of the messages that goes out of the simple context and meaningful look of the success of your business as well as your employee.

- This messages are reused to manage, motivate and lead the team.

- The propositions that can be evoked by the inspiration for your future projects.