Experience and share of my knowledge with your brand.  

With 15 years experience in high performance in water sport I have learned an incredible amount about equipment development, testing and highest technology adjustment for my own and brand needs. For several years I have been developing and testing the gear for the big brands.

LU3P5810 copie 22007 – 2012: I have been testing and developing the gear of Takoon and Cabrinha brands. With my leading position in the competitions I have been responsable for development of the course racing kites in these brands. I have been testing the gear that I have designed with Cabrinha team in different places in the world.

test et developpement de plancheIn 2009 I have been working with kiteboard designer Paolo Rista. Together we have invented the board that has never been used before in course racing. We have introduced absolutely different way of kiteracing.

The main goal of our invention was to develop the board that would allow you go faster, better upwind and the board that you were riding you needed to ride it flat. Later on this type of board has been presented for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

In the meantime I have been testing the special designed fins for this board. It has been proved that with the special fins design the board was going faster, it was gliding better and the was caping better up wind.

At the moment I continue developing special gear form my crossings and adventure projects.

If you wish to test and have a feedback of your brand equipment we could help you. I have been working with different area professionals and we could help you test, validate and progress in the production of your product. Do not hesitate to contact me for more info. I am fully available to share my experience and knowledge with you regarding all your brand questions before your product production.