Maui island is the second largest Hawaiian island and it  is called the wind and waves mecca! Every surfer, stand up paddler, kitesurfer or windsurfer should pass by Maui at least once in their lifetime. The perfect wind and waves condition are Maui’s usual gifts to everyone who decides to visit this paradise! You will find multiple ways to get there from Europe. If you are flying from Paris the travel might take more then 20 hours with at least one stop before flying in on Maui. Once you are there you are ready to start your most interesting and beautiful holidays ever! Sunny every day and day temperature  is from  +24°C to +30°C all year round. Maui has its seasons too but even if you get there on the rainy season ( from december through february and march) you will be able to go to the south side of the island where the rain is very rare phenomenal.

Winter is also known as very light wind but big surf time so if your main goal is to go to Maui and kitesurf till you drop make sure you are going there in the summer time.

Maui has different kind of kitesurfing/windsurfin and surfing/SUP’ing spots for the beginners, advanced riders and real pro’s! And even if you are not cursed with the water sports you will find the perfect way of spending your time sunbathing, snorkeling, pool swimming, walking, hiking, visiting the crater and the local shops, talking to the locals and other tourists as yourself. So get your gear and your sunscreen and be ready to ride as a pro!  Maui No ka ‘ oi !

Kitesurfing spots: 

Maui is a perfect island for the beginners and for the riders that has a very good skills. Main kitesurfing spots are divided into North shore and south shore. All kitesurfing schools are located on the north shore where you will be able to find at least 8 different level kitesurfing spots from Ho’okipa (Lanes) to Waiehu beach. On the south shore there are at least 4 or 5 beaches from where you will be able to kite in the northerly of southwest Kona wind.

Riding styles: Freestyle, waves, freeride, racing, downinder.

Estimated population: in 2012 there were 158 226 people living on Maui meanwhile Hawaii county counted 1 392 313 inhabitants in 2012.

Hawaii capital: Honolulu, Maui’s biggest city – Kahului.

Language: official language – Hawaiian, spoken by everyone – english.

Money:  US$ 1US$~ 0.740 €

How to get there: 

The best deal if you are flying from Paris CDG airport is to pass by Los Angeles LAX before landing on Maui’s Kahului OGG airport. It is about 11 hours flight from Paris to LA and there you will have to go through the customs so make sure before leaving that your passport is up to date ( your passport needs to be valid at least 6 months after your return to Europe), that you have filled all necessary documents in the plane and/or check with your embassy if you need any visas to get into United States. Also important: before leaving Europe with visa waver program do not forget to fill out the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) questionary with a little fee. Once you are in LA you will have to wait for couple of hours before your flight to Maui. Normally this takes between 4 to 5 hours. And the last part of the trip – flight from LA to Maui – will take about 6 hours.

Once you are there you have a few transportation options: 1. Either you have someone who comes to pick you up; 2; Or you rent a car which you can arrange on the internet and upon your arrival; 3. You have a bus option. It will take you to major points of the island. Make sure to check out the bus timetable before arriving on Maui because the bus passes every hour at the best.

Where to stay: 

You have an unbelievable amount of choices when it comes to the research of the best place to stay on Maui. I should say it really depends what you are looking for. Maui North shore with its famous towns of Paia, Haiku could be the best choice for those who are going to Maui for a real watersport vacation! If you are coming with the friends or your family look for the house to rent. You will be able to find tons of houses and/or rooms for rent on the North Shore of Maui.

If you are heading to the south side of Maui there is a great hotels variety for any kind of taste. South side of maui has a better development for the tourists that wants to have an easy, relaxed time on Maui.

Also if you are looking for stunning views and not afraid of cool evenings Maui Upcountry is a really great place to stay! You are 15 mins up the volcano from the beaches where the nature lover will really find what to do. If you are a horse fan you will be able to enjoy their company here, upcountry!

Visits and other things to do on Maui :

-Stand up paddle surf, downwinder, whale watching, visit Maui North & South shores, upcountry, Haleakala, Hana, swim in the pools, snorkeling, hiking, tasting hawaiian food, golfing, massage, beauty treatments and so on.

Formalities: Passport needed

Medical protection: Water is clean but still advise you to clean any cuts that you get during your sessions especially the reef cuts and make sure you get all corals out of the wound. If needed you will find a hospital in Kahului center also some other medical centers in the touristic places.

Climate:  The climate of the Hawaiian Islands is characterized by a two-season year, mild and uniform temperatures everywhere, relatively humidy, irregular topography produces marked variations in conditions. Outside daytime temperature doesn’t go below +22°C in the winter evening can be a bit chilly if you are in uncountry or north shore.

Wind statistics: In August you will have about 27 windy days out of 31 and in december you will get less strong winds but still it counts to about 20-21 windy days.


Embassy:  You will be able to contact The Consular agency of Hawaii for a simple question. Their address:

Honorary Consulate of France in Honolulu
P.O. Box 22009
Honolulu, Hawaii 96823-2009 Fax. : (808) 941-7988

Email :

If no you will have to contact Consulate General of France in San Francisco and here is their address: 88 Kearny St, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94108 / Tel: (415) 397 4330

Phone code calling from outside the USA:  001