The Grenadines : the paradise around an archipelago of 32 islands

Discover the wind filling up your catamaran sails and sailing off to the new adventures, possible the most gorgeous isles on earth: the Grenadines. This might sound as a dream but where else you could dream to be if not in hot sun and blue waters! So one of those rough winters we have booked our tickets, packed the bags, kitesurfing gear, inflatable SUP, foil and the rest of the gadgets rent the catamaran and off we went for a best spot hunt! The Grenadines is famous for its regular winds, different spots in different islands and fun ambience at the beach!

moprpion- grenaidnes-SUP-bruno sroka
Morpion island by stand up paddle or kitesurf

Morpion island is an inhabited island situated about 1km north west of Petit St Vincent. This little sand island is surrounded by reef and contains only one “architectural” construction: an umbrella of coconut sheets! This cute place will easly make you feel as visting an adventurers the Robinson Cruzoe isle. The photographer Yann Bertrand visits [...]

Kitesurfing at Petit St Vincent
Petit St Vincent, the Grenadines

Petit Saint Vincent is a private island – resort. The best kitesurfing beach is situated in front of the Petite Martinique island. Even if this island is a private one the access to the beach is accepted. Make sure to leave your dinghy attached in the water. Dinghies are not accepted on the beach.  The [...]

Union Isand_Clifton Bay-grenadines-bruno sroka
Union Island, Clifton beach kitesurfing spot

This is a dream spot of every freestyler and the biggest island of the St Vincent and the Grenadines. Clifton beach is located next to an airport of Union island.  If you are thinking about starting the kitesurfing lessons Jeremie Tronet has his kitesurfing school and ready to help you to learn how to kitesurf [...]

Canouan, the pool bruno sroka kite foil
Canouan, The Pool: the most beautiful lagoon of the caraibes

One of my favorite kitesurfing spots in the Grenadines together with Tobago Cays is the Pool at Canouan: the most beautiful blue lagoon of the caraibes! This gigantic pool measure almost in 2m length and 800 m in width. Notice: you should access The Pool during the day and only if you well experienced sailor or [...]

Tobago Cays_Bruno Sroka Kitesurfing at the lagoon, grenadines
Tobago Cays, kitesrfing paradise

Welcome to the paradise of caribbeans! This spot is famous because it was filmed in one of the Pirates of the Caraibes movie scenes. Tobago Cays is about 1 hour boat ride from the Union island. It is a natural resort so you should remember to respect and protect this little piece of paradise. Here [...]

Mayreau Island, grenadines, bruno sroka
Mayereau Island, the Grenadines

I would consider Mayereau as one of the most beautiful anchorages of Grenadines. Mayereau and the Pool are my totally favorite spots for a boat stop over! If at the Pool (Canouan island) most likely there will be only a few of you daring to pass the coral reef and narrow entrance and spend your day [...]

St Vincent Island,Blue Lagoon,Bruno Sroka sup surfing
Blue Lagoon, St Vincent, the Grenadines

On the way to the St.Vincent from the bottom islands you can plan your next stop at the Blue Lagoon for your kitesurfing session at the Grenadines. Warning: this place is hard to access by night due to the shallow reef. Once you have anchored your boat at the Blue Lagoon harbour the little beach [...]

General information

Saint Vincent and the Greadines belongs to South of Antilles. One of the best options to get there is by arriving to Fort de France where you will be able to rent a boat at the Marins harbour. The options of the boat rent aren’t missing and you will be able to find the right size or price for your holidays boat. And from the moment when you are at your boat the holidays begins. I would suggest you to sail all the way to Union island straight the first night you will board the boat. Be carefull because it is rather long way. It takes about 20 hours to reach the Union island from Martinique. The minimum suggested time for your boat trip at the Grenadines is at least 10 days. It might still be rather tight if you want to visit most of the places at the Grenadines and if you decide to take less the 10 days you will not be able to visit many places.

Estimated population : 110 000 inhabitants (2011) at different 32 island. The majority of the inhabitants are African.

Capital : Kingstown

Language : English

Time difference : -5h in winter and -6h in summer compared to France.

Money : official money in St.Vincent and the Grenadines is Caribbean dollar $EC. In april 2013 1euro=3,53 $EC. Sometimes you will also be able to pay by US dollars and euros. You can take the cash at the ATM machine but not every island has one. Plan in advance your cash if you are paning to stay for a longer time on one island.

Flight : You can get your flights with Air France, Corsair, Air Caraïbes or XL. I have a little prefence for Air Caraibes. They offer very competetive flight prices. First baggage is allowed up to 23kg, second baggage (which you can pass it as a gear bag) will cost you 75euros also 23 kg. Every additional kilo will be charged 10 euros.

Airport transfers : From Fort de France to Marin harbour it takes about 30-45 mins of car drive. For this distance taxi will charge you 60/70 euros including your big kitesurfing bag. You also have another option which might turn out to be a better deal (depends on the season): rent a car at Europe Car. There is a Europe Car agency at the port of Marin where after the transfer you will be able to leave the car just the steps away from the deck. You will be able to do your grocery shopping at the harbour.

Where to rent the boat : Check the Regis Guillemot company at (; + 596 596 74 78 59). Guillemot has 32 different sizes and needs catamarans which you will be able to rent with a skipper (Fabien Gauthier) or if you are confirmed sailor and have a proof you will be able to sail on your own. I found Guillemot team very professional and friendly.

Formalities : Valid passport for 6 months after your return date. The entrance fee for the Grenadines: 6 people + the boat costs about 120 euro. Do not forget clearance entering and leaving the Grenadines. Acceptable staying time in the Grenadines without visa: 3 months.

Medical treatment : No vaccine is needed. Make sure you have a first aid kit onboard in case if you cut yourself on the reef or any other minor accident happens. The mosquitos are just about everywhere and they love love fresh tourists. Make sure to take with you long sleeve clothes and buy at the local store anti-mosquito spray. The sun is rather strong and even if it is hot out there think about getting long pants and long sleeves lycra for your kitesurf sessions. Also the best sunscreen that I would advice you to take is 50 or 60+. Don’t worry even with this strong sun screen you will be able to get your chocolat sun tan.

Climate : Tropical! The trade winds blows from NE at about 15/20 knots. The wind starts to die down in april. The best kitesurfing period in the Greandines is december till beginning of april. Avargae temperature in january 24°C and in august – 27°C. Water temperature 24-28°C depending on the season.
Dialling code from outside the country + on 1784


Embassy :  There is no St.Vincent and the Grenadines embassy in France. For more info you should check / + 33 (1) 40 28 10 00

Many thanks to Regis Guillemot for welcoming us with their boats as well as Faustine Merret, Deimantina, Herve, Cyril and Jean-Marc for making this travel a perfect vacation.