Dakhla is a little village in the south of Marocco at the boarder with Mauritania. It is actually placed in the middle of the desert. This  is why this city is famous for its pleasant weather and favorable winds all your round. 7h direct flight from Paris or 13 hours with a stop over and you will reach this exotic paradise still very close to Europe. Once you are there you will discover the kitesurfing sessions in the middle of the dunes in your bikini or your shorty all year round.  Once the evening takes over you will enjoy the calm and quite. Even if you decide to travel to Dakhla in december the average outside temperature is about 21°C and about 54% of wind blows at 4bf. Be careful because even if the days are warm the temperature drops in the night time as in every desert.

For the last  10 years Dakhla grew as one of the best kitesurfing spots and became one of the biggest Marocco’s visited places.

And if you get unlucky and there is barely any wind no stress… you will be able to stay active doing stand up paddle, surfing, fishing or hiking through the dunes.

Kitesurfing spots: 

The bay of Dakhla is about 40km long and 20km wide so you will have enough of space to kitesurf even if most kiters concentrates at the few spots of the beach.

Riding styles: Freeride, freestyle, waves, downwinder

bruno  sroka-ocean vagabond-kitesurf
The wonderful lagoon of Ocean Vagabond

Between the tents of the Nomad and the hotel Ocean Vagabond lies the best spots for kitesurf: the blue lagoon of Dakhla. This lagoon is sitting between two sand dunes creating the venturi wind effect. The wind is blowing on each side of the lagoon which makes it simple access for any rider. Launchin from [...]

dakhla attitude copie
Dakhla Attitude main kitesurf spot

 Dakhla Attitude kitesurf spot is juts in front of the hotel Dakhla Attitude bungalows. The surface of the water is rather choppy compared to the lagoon. The wind is blowing most of the time till the sun goes down. The evenings are quite and calm. If this spot becomes too crowded you will easily find [...]

bruno sroka-spot de vitesse-dakhla
The speed spot in Dakhla

To the south of the Dakhla Attitude you will find a famous and fun for kitesurf session: the speed spot. You will get to discover this spot only in the low tide. The best solution to get there is to rent a boat from your hotel where you are staying. This spot should be on [...]

bruno sroka-le spot de la dune blanche-dakhla
Dune Blanche: kitesurfing by the white sand dune

It is better known as a white sand dune the shape of croissant. This absolutely stunning kitesurfing spot you will find at the south from the speed spot. It is called the white dune because it’s purely white sand. Here you will not find any civilization, just you, your friends, the dessert and the water. [...]

The spot of the waves

Wave spot Pointe de l’Or

If you are a fan of the waves and looking for a wave kitesurf session I would suggest you the Pointe de l’Or spot in Dakhla. You will find this spot 10-15mins form the kitesurf centers but the 4×4 is needed to reach this gorgeous spot. The best wind condition for this kitesurfing spot is [...]

Fabulous wave spot at the entrance of Dakhla

cause and effects essays When the conditions are good enough you should try the wind and wave spot that is located at the entrance of Dakhla. When the swell hits the coast you will get to make at least 10 rollers in a perfect right breaking wave along the cliffs. The wave is almost glassy [...]

The crowd: knowing how famous this spot is there is really not that many people at the spot. Even though the riders has a tendency to concentrate on the north part of the bay so  you should not hesitate to walk downwind where you will be less surrounded by others. During the high season the schools are very busy.

 The spot of stand up paddle, surf, longboard.

bruno sroka-spot de vagues
(Français) Le spot de vagues de Daklha, Maroc

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The south point of Dakhla Marocco

The south point of the peninsula is called the Point of the Dragon. This spot is working during any ocean tides. It is protected from the north, north west and north east winds. It is the right side wave that can get quite big with the big swell. It is a beach break. Personally I [...]

bruno sroka-tarf entayreft-dakhla-maroc
Tarf Entayreft Daklha Marocco

The Tarf Entayreft spot is a bit more then 60km in the North of Dakhla. Perfect right break wave that is perfect at offshore (North) wind direction. This beach break is good to kitesurf in any tides. If you are looking for an amazing wave spot for your kitesurf holidays you will find it here. [...]

  Overall what I could say about this spot: the locals are friendly, the ambience in the water is very cool, no stress only fun! 

Estimated population: The population of Dahkla is estimated to 80 000 inhabitants (2010). In 2012, Morocco counted 32,3 million inhabitants.

Capital : Rabat

Language : Arab, French and English.

Time difference: 1 hour of time difference in the winter and 2hours in the summer (french time)

Money : Moroccan dirham, 1 Euro = 11,1790 Moroccan dirhams.

How to get there: 

Dakhla is situated 650 km in the South of Laâyoune, on a narrow Rio de Oro peninsula, which extends over approximately 40 km along the Atlantic Coast. The city of Dakhla is situated  around thirty kilometers in the north of the Northern tropic just like Havana, Canton or Hawaii.

By air plane : The airport of Dakhla is connected with an international airport of Mohammed V – Nouasser of Casablanca. You will be able to find the flights from this airport to Dakhla three times a week also you will be able to fly to Dakhla from other Moroccan and foreign cities. The time of the flight from Casablanca to Daklha is about 3:30. The time of the flight from Paris to Casablanca : 4 hours. The best flight company to get from Paris to Dakhla is Royal air Morocco. If you will have an excess baggage flying off from France on your way back you might be lucky and pass without any access baggage fees. Note:  if you are taking the last flight from Dakhla to Casablanca you will arrive to Casa at 11pm and there are no other flights flying to Europe. You will need to spend a night in Casablanca. Make sure to book your hotel before you land in Casablanca bacause you might not get any room at the last moment near the airport. The hotels nearby the airport are about 10-20 mins of the ride by shuttle. A night at the hotel in Casablanca will cost you about 100 euros. Also in the worst case scenario you will be able to sleep at the airport of Casablanca. At the mid season the flight ticket from Paris to Dakhla and return will cost you approximately 400 euors per person.

By car: You will find this option useful if you decided to leave for a longer period of time. You will need about 24 hours to drive down to Gibraltar and to take a ferry to Tangier. From there you will   2000 km of driving to go down to Dakhla. In total there is 4000 km from Paris to Dakhla. If to have  3 or 4 weeks this option could be perfect for you. The road is magnificent and you will get to discover Morocco in a very wide way.

Where to stay: Once you are in Dakhla you will be able to choose from different accommodation options:

Dakhla Attitude: This is the biggest and the most expensive accommodation option in Dakhla (composed of 59 bungalows built on three ground levels);

Ocean Vagabond:  is open all year and is located 28 km from Dakhla airport, by the lagoon. It is built at the foot of the dunes, the village of sand-coloured wood fits in perfectly with its environment. It consists of a restaurant, a nautical base, a surfshop and 20 bungalows. Very friendly team and great food!

B&B Nomad: If you are looking for a real adventure and close experience with the holidays in the nature the Nomad tents are waiting for you. To get to kitesurfing spot you will need to cross the street and you are there. This is the cheapest option of the accommodation in Dakhla by the lagoon.

Living expences: It is rather cheap compared to the european lifestyle.

Water quality: The water remains relatively clean, however, the Moroccan deserts are full of plastic waste rejected by the sea or blown by the winds. If a recycling network would be better developed in these areas this beautiful place could be a real paradise for the tourists. However I have never crossed a plastic bag or any other trash in the lagoon.


What to visit and other things to do besides the kitesurf:

- Downwind the SUP session

- Visit Dakhla city

- Visit a spring hot water in the middle of the desert

- Drive 4X4 in the desert

- Fish the tuna fish.


Formalities : Passport needed

Medical protection : It is better to do not get any cuts during your water sessions. Dakhla hospital will not be able to provide the quality such as a hosiptal of the big city in Marrocco.

Climate : Dakhla has a pleasant desert climate from 16 °C  to 24 °C  during winter and 23°C in 32 °C during summer.

Wind statistics: In general the wind blows strong and sometimes even very strong. It is ghusty and warm wind. Dominant wind direction: NNE

Embassy : All embassies are located in Rabat. French embassy address: 1, rue Ibn Hajar

Rabat Agdal, Maroc. Telephone : +212 (0)537 68 97 00


Phone code calling from outside of Marocco: +212