I am very excited to announce that I am starting my Sroka kite foil brand. Sroka kite foils will be also adaptable to windsurf foiling and stand up paddle foiling!

For over a year, accompanied by an architect naval, I have been working on the research and development of our brand product. We took our time to test, to innovate and find the best manufacturing process with a final goal in our minds: create the most accessible hydrofoil.

During my last 15 years in kitesurfing world I had a chance to participate in kiteboarding revolution, its development and gear testing in the professional level. Myself and my those days designer Paolo Rista, we were the first ones to invent and introduce the race board – the board that many of you have tried. We have developed these boards to give an accessibility and push the limits of kitesurfing in very light winds and actually this kitesurfing discipline potentially will become one of the Olympic games discipline. Besides this great invention I have been working with Cabrinha kites brand where I was able to express my kite development and testing skills. And so all of these years of experience and knowledge I have pilled it into my profile and into my SROKA products development.

Today I can assure you that Sroka hydro foils will surprise not one rider. Our main goal is to make kitefoiling, widsurf foiling and SUP foiling accessible by its price and easy to learn and ride concept but also keep the progress possibilities in your choice.


We will launch  different foil ranges with three different hydro foil constructions.

First Sroka kitefoil will be equipped with fiber glass wings and aluminium anodized mast and fuselage. This hydrofoil is very solid, easy to use, a perfect foil to begin kitefoil boarding or foilboard occasionally. This hydrofoil construction is also an evaluative option because we will be proposing the fins that are more or if you wish less technical. It will depend on your required level for you. The aluminium foil is a perfect foilers from the beginning to confirmed levels.

We are in a process of making a different foils to give you the opportunity to progress in kitefoil. The new hydrofoil will be in carbon and/or titan. We are focused on giving you the maximum accessibility as well as push the limits in the same time.

Sroka foil brand also is going to be proposing our stable and easy of use Sroka foil boards. We have been working very carefully to develop the best board shape that will make your foiling session accessible and easy. The board volume, rocker and hull were main important points that we have concentrated during our hydrofoil board development.

Last but not least we are still in progress of development of the hydrofoil for the windsurf boards and paddle boards. We have already tested our SUP foil and we were very pleased with the result and the feeling that we felt. It definitely changes the understanding of riding the waves: with Sroka hydrofoil  you don’t need to wait for a perfect wave that will break! With Sroka foil you will be able to enjoy the swell!

Soon we will add a Sroka foil section at our website www.srokashop.com for all other information.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to write me an email at contact@srokashop.com