Inflatable Stand up paddle board!

For the last couple of years Stand up paddle development advanced by the steps of the giant. Why? Because it is an extraordinary accessible activity for any kind of person on the planet. Until today there was just one but… it’s size ( some boards are about 4m long)! Not very practical for those who lives in the city huh?

sroka-inflatable-sup-bagLuckily the regular stand up paddle board evaluated to inflatable stand up paddle! The same long board rolls into a roll and you can pack it in a bag to carry on your back! Pretty cool!

Inflatable SUP boards pumps up to 15 PSI or 1 bar pressure which makes the board rigid. No more roof racks on your car because these inflatable stand up paddles fits perfectly in your car trunk no matter how small your car is. If you are thinking that these boards can not be stable because they are inflated you are wrong! A good inflatable SUP is capable to carry more then 150kgs at a time.

Accesible, easy to transport, secure (if you fall on it there is no risk of breaking your teeth!). This new sport is getting more and more attention of the traveling families and friends that is looking for a great time outdoors. Ideas of how you can use your stand up paddle board: easy paddling on the sea or lake, fishing, wave surfing, sportive downwinder or paddle around with your kids! You will find how to enjoy these boards once you will be anywhere around the water!

SROKA inflatable stand up paddle.


With an experience of 15 years in the water sport industry such as developer, product tester and a competitor Bruno Sroka developed a range of inflatable stand up paddle boards for all kind of clientry.

Bruno truly believes that the stand up is a perfect sport for families and leaded by this idea he presents the stand up paddles for each family member! Yes yes even our smallest ones are able to have a board perfectly suited for their size!

Why Sroka SUP?

For many years Bruno Sroka is concidered as waterman. He has won 3 times kitesurfing World titles, became the first and the only man that dared to cross the Cape Horn by kitesurf, he also broke the English channel record and this year kitesurfed from France to Ireland non stop for 16h40mins. And now you understand that training and physical preparation is Bruno’s daily life. This is there and then when he started practicing the stand up paddle. Nevertheless he had a wonderful experience on his board. This is why he decided that he would love to share his passion with many people around the world. And the only way he figured out to do it is by making a same good quality board as the others but offer it with the price that is cheaper then the others. In his opinion this is the only way to let the sport grow and allow anyone to have an access to this healthy living of life.

Sroka SUP inflatable board range has been created and adapted for each family member. The sizes varies from 8’5 (2,60m) to 12’6 (3,80m). The smallest board is a perfect size for any child or for those who wants to surf the waves. Remember that the different model presents the different use in the water: stability, a board for any kind of ride, surf etc. The largest board is made for the sportive training such as cardio.


The smalles boards (7’1, 7’5, 8′, 8’5, 9’5 and 10’ ) are at 599 euros. The 10’6 and the  12,6 Sroka SUP are at 649 euros and 699 euros !!!

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