I always loved the competitions and self push to be the best and at the top of the highest performance but sometimes to much of the competition kills the real understanding about your playground: the ocean! The rules, the judges, the deception and the strategies, everything turns around the most beautiful element of the planet and your mind is so busy thinking about anything else but ocean. And so this is why I take a lot of time of mine just to spend some time playing around the ocean and enjoying it and even making it my own gym whenever I can. These are the moments when I feel a waterman inside of me.

On the simple days and when I am in my waterman “suit” I use anything that I see around: the boards, the goggles and the tube, the fins, my own body, the weights and some other gadgets that are accessable to me.

It is so easy to be carried away by our daily life and this connection that I establish between myself and the ocean is very important for me. In some ways the ocean becomes your style of living, your fashion, your health motor, your good energy spreader and your smile at the end of the session!